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Our Story

"We knew we were in trouble.  We were under a lot of stress. We got scared.  We realized we were one crisis, one emergency, one accident away from losing it all. We were not prepared for the What If's in life:  a lost job, car breaks down, new furnace, poor health, a death.  Any emergency would sink our ship!  Without savings, we would go into more debt!  We simply made too much money to have a six figure debt, not including our house.  Then we got a Total Money Makeover and our lives changed- Forever!

After graduating, we were loaded with $100,000 in student loan debt.  We bought a house, two new cars, and took on an additional $25,000 in credit card debt. We thought this was normal.  

When we saw that we could clear up a lot of debt in a relatively short period of time instead of ten to twenty years, a huge amount of stress was suddenly lifted off of us.

The thirty-eight months working on the Debt Snowball was the hardest part, but we never wavered.  We did have unexpected emergencies- but we did it!  We actually reached our goal of becoming DEBT FREE!

We sold our brand new car.  We really loved that car and bought a slightly used older model.  We took on extra shifts at work.  We scaled back on our lifestyle considerably and folks made fun of us, which told us we were on the RIGHT TRACK!  We knew we could not wander out of debt the same way we wandered into it.

Now our paradigm has shifted.  For the years we have been married, we have always been in debt.  Now, we have yet to have a major argument over money since we started this plan. Now, we know that we can do anything we want in a short time.  We literally changed our family tree- all because we bothered to care to do something about it."

"Our temporary sacrifice has brought us lasting freedom!"

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