Pre-Christmas Special

2 month coaching subscription

Enjoy an hour of coaching per month at $100 per month

This is a 1 full hour via ZOOM.

$100 will be automatically withdrawn from you account once a month the same time each month for 2 months.  This is a 2 month committment.

2 month coaching package

Two Session Package for $190
A session is 1 full hour via ZOOM

The logo -  3 gears or cogwheels signifies a working relationship.  A connection occurs among the gears to create action.  Together, the geared devices can change speed and direction.  The logo signifies the dynamic of our coaching relationship.

Patricia Reider has completed Ramsey Solutions Financial Coach Master Training.  Completion of Ramsey Solutions Financial Coach Master Training does not create an employment or agency relationship with Ramsey Solutions or its affiliates.  It does not constitute a license or credentials to engage in legal, tax, accounting, investment, or other professional services.  Completing the Certified  Financial Coach Master Training (FCMT) does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by Dave Ramsey.   Upon completion of FCMT,  Ms. Reider is a Ramsey Preferred Coach.  

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