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WE ARE BROKE!                            HOW DO WE PAY FOR COACHING?

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Our Success Story begins with investing in ourselves.  Because we were broke and needed a coach, we found ways to INVEST in coaching.

Some ways we saved and paid cash for coaching:

  • Allocated paying for coaching into our monthly budget

  • Saved ahead to pay for coaching

  • Delayed a purchase

  • Cut expenses

  • Cut the grocery bill

  • Worked extra hours

  • Chose to eat out once a month instead or every week

  • Cut my cable a couple of months

  • Sold stuff!  Examples: my collection of vinyl albums, books, electronics

  • Took on a part time job

  • Took on a boarder-a college student or other

  • Did Airbnb

  • Drove Uber, Lyft

  • Mowed lawns, baby sat, walked dogs, delivered pizzas, washed windows

  • Turned hobbies into money generators

  • Tutored and taught others new skills

"Live like no other....."
"...So you live like no other!"  Ramsey Quote

"Like Rocky on Steroids we began cutting costs, selling stuff, and creating income like there would be NO tomorrow! We were ready to get out of Debt and BE FREE!"

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