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Financial Coach vs Financial Advisor

What is the difference between a Financial Coach and a Financial Advisor? The Financial Coach comes before, during, and after you meet the Financial Advisor. The Financial Advisor will INVEST your hard earned dollars and get your savings to work for you. The Financial Coach focuses on budgeting by providing education, getting out of debt, planning, and, giving.  The Financial Advisor invests the money you already have.  The coach helps you get the money with a positive cash flow (spend less than one makes) so you can invest.  The Financial Advisor focuses on the numbers, the portfolio.  The coach focuses on the behavior behind the money. 


Keys factors necessary before working with a Financial Advisor is to be OUT-OF-DEBT and to have 3-6 months in an EMERGENCY FUND saved.  The Financial Coach will help you to get out-of-debt with a budget and save so you can work with a Financial Advisor to build wealth and give!

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  • Encourages 

  • Understands the situation

  • Provides information 

  • Injects hope

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