Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach

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Patricia Reider, CDFA
Ramsey Solutions
Master Financial Coach

About Pat Reider

Pat helps individuals, couples, and small businesses build a road map to their financial goals.

By working with Pat, you learn to work with your current income to set the stage to build and grow.  Pat will work with you to move forward.  By creating and maintaining successful budgets you build financial health.  Together with Pat, you remove the stress and uncertainty that most people experience when trying to manage money.

Pat, is a successful Financial Coach, a Certified Financial Divorce Analyst, and Mediator. She has completed Family & Divorce Mediation Training, Certification for both the Financial Divorce Practitioner and Financial Divorce Analyst. She has completed the Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach Training.   She is a retired Financial Advisor following her passion to share "that building wealth is not for the rich only." Anyone and everyone CAN DO THIS!

Pat partners with professionals who provide you additional services beyond financial coaching such as legal, tax, or advice on what specific investments to buy.

Personally,  Pat enjoys exploring the outdoors, hiking with her golden retriever, reading, and being involved in her community.  

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